Two Children Receive Surgery in Portland ME, Jan/Feb 2017

Jean Carlos Bernal Vasquez, 12 years 10 months old, and Angel Jesus Abrego Quiroz, 10 months old, are both doing well after procedures at the Maine Medical Center in early February.  Both are from Panama City, Panama.

The children and their mothers have been staying at Ronald McDonald house in Portland Maine. Maine Medical Center has taken on these cases with Dr Reed Quinn and Dr. Thomas Mellow.

The plan is for them to stay at the RMH until they leave for home, sometime late in February.

Patricia Herman has been providing updates on behalf of Rotary 7190 Gift of Life Board members in NY State.

Meeting with Shriners, Feb 2016

Barry, Yvette, GOL Belize, John, Shriners, Ted, Barbara, Carl, Shriners burns surgeon, Susan, Shriners, Jack, GOL Belize. Tom Ford, GOL

Panama joined the presentation and early meeting by telcon too.


Dane O’Connor, Oct 2015

Barry met with Dane and his mom at MGH.


Amadou Health Improving – October 6, 2015

He’s doing great cardio wise. He started at 12.5 lbs and has lost weight so we’re waiting on nutrition. He is working both breasts and has eaten 1.5 small Cherrio and has a McDonald french fry in hand so we hope he’ll gain weight soon.

Reported by Ted


District Conference, May 2010

This photo was taken at District 7910 district conference at Holiday Inn , Boxborough on Sat May 15,2010. Left to right are Dr Kathy Jenkins, Childrens Hospital Boston, Ted S Pres GOLNE, Grace Agwaru, GOL International from Uganda, Barbara, GOLNE Treas, Barry, GOLNE VP.


July 20, 2010


This the kid we are doing as part of the “Our Hearts Are In El Salvador” program. Host is Marc Epstein, Newton Rotary.

Edwin will depart San Salvador on June 13th on American flight #1998 to DFW, then take American flight #1976 to Boston.

Open heart surgery is scheduled for June 17 at Children’s Hospital Boston with Dr. Mayer.

Return flight is scheduled for July 20th departing Boston on American flight #941 to Miami, transferring to American flight #925 to San Salvador.

July 22, 2009

Rob Raylman, the Executive Director of Gift of Life International, was presented a $3000.00 check by Gift of Life New England President Ted Shaughnessey. Rob told the GOLNE Board of Directors that the funds would be used to help defray the costs for surgery for at least one of several GOLI candidates for surgery. Some of these surgeries will be performed overseas by surgeons and hospitals associated with the Gift of Life program.

Pictured from left to right are: Barry Friedman, GOLNE VP, Ted Shaughnessy, GOLNE President, Rob Raylman, and Barbara Friedman, GOLNE Treasurer.


May 6, 2009

2 years ago, while trying to come up with an idea for a way that the Confirmation candidates, as an entire class, might take part in a Christian Service project and keeping in mind the words of Jesus, “Whatever you do for the least of my brethren, you do for Me.” members of the St. Thomas The Apostle Parish, Millis, MA Confirmation class of 2009 embarked on a challenge of raising $5000.00 for the Gift Of Life Organization. After a visit from the GOL reps, Ted and Marilyn Shaughnessy (our guests today), we learned about this organization and the good work it does. Each donation helps GOL to provide life saving heart surgery for children all over the world who would otherwise die without it.

Joining forces with the confirmation classes of 2008 and next year’s class of 2010, the students took part in a variety of fundraising activities – among them – pre-Thanksgiving pie sales, Valentine-themed bake sales, a benefit concert that featured local bands (some of whom are Confirmation students themselves) who donated their time and talent, a very successful Turkey Shoot held at the local Sportsman’s Club, a lollipop sale after mass… some classes took to rolling coins, others made beautiful fleece items to sell and still others saved their bottle and can deposits….individual students and their families even opened their own wallets and offered donations from their allowances and paychecks.

In addition, the students hosted a celebration for a teenaged recepient of the GOL, Carolina, complete with cake and gifts for the now-healthy young lady and her mom. One of our students even served as an interpreter for our guests, as they shared their story with us of how reaching her 16th birthday was a dream that Carolina and her mother never thought they would see come true until GOL literally saved her life.

Well. 2 years have passed and here we are today, Sunday , May 2, 2009. I couldn’t be more proud of the young people here with us today and all the students who did their part to save a child’s life. At the beginning of this endeavor, I’m not sure that there were many of us who expected that we would actually reach our goal, but we felt whatever we could do would benefit GOL, so we forged ahead. I am pleased to announce today that with the help and support of their religious education teachers and the generosity of our entire parish family, these young people did in fact succeed, and today we present our GOL representatives with a check for $5000.00.


January 29, 2009

Here’s a letter from the Philippine Gift of Life couple who were present at the breakfast celebration to honor Jhon and Gabi, held at the Holiday Inn on January 25, 2009:

Just a note to thank the Corazon A Corazon officers and supporters in treating my wife and I in high esteem as guest from the Gift of Life-Philippines. We are indebted by the warm hospitality showered on us, not to mention our opportunity to met the Gift of Life patients John and Gabrielle from Ecuador and Columbia sponsored by the Boston Rotary Club and in particular Marie Presti for hosting the children in her home.

This invaluable humanitarian experience will strengthen her resolve to assist less fortunate children afflicted with heart defect as she mentioned in her remarks. We likewise enjoyed the dances and songs of the Columbian children.

Bravo to the president Mr. Alberto Bodhert for the job well done and most of all to you Elizabeth for sharing us the insight of the activities of your group.

Carlos & Brenda Talisaysay
Philippine Gift of Life

December 16, 2008

This is an example of how GOLNE helps save kids worldwide just by having contacts and communicating with people. Just a few hours work and many kids that would have died now live.

Dear Ted,

I am Mohamed Guleid, I hope you remember our correspondence of last year regarding the treatment of little baby Amal. Even though GOL never really contributed financially, your kind advice and guidance had really helped us. Through your advice we contacted the Mater Hospital and the little girl was treated through an open heart surgery. She has now turned three and is a bouncing beautiful little girl full of life and hope. Since then I have also assisted three other children to find there way to the Mater hospital for similar treatment. I am truly quite gratified!

Now, I am writing about another issue. My colleague Jama Hashi and I, have established an organization that would be dedicated solely to providing care for the aged in Nairobi. As a result of the rapid change in the lifestyle of the Kenyan people, an increasing number of young people find it increasingly difficult to care for their old parents. Also, diseases such as HIV/AIDS have created a gap in the lives of many old people. Their main bread winners have been affected by the disease making the poor old people lack source of any meaningful livelihood.

We therefore have decided to set up a home for the aged. We expect those who can afford to pay for their services, but a very large number of people have hardly any income. This group might need assistance from elsewhere. My request to you is to give some advice about possibilities of working with any GOL group or any rotary associations.

Pass my regards to your family and other GOL members,

God bless you!


Mohamed Guleid

July 9, 2008

We had some special visitors at our meeting: people from Gift of Life International Director Rob Raylman, and Brett Halvorson, the Korean boy who President and Nancy Reagan flew here on Air Force One 25 years ago for open heart surgery in NY with GOL. Brett will be working directly with GOLI in fundraising and publicity efforts.

Channel 5 (WCVB) sent a reporter (Jim Boyd) and taped a short segment for the local news. The WCVB video can be seen here!

And, we took our own video – a “behind the scenes” video that has even more than the news story. That video can be seen on our Videos page.

Here is picture from Marilyn and Ted Shaughnessy’s home on July 9.

From Left to Right: R Klaus Hachfeld, Rotary District 7910 Governor; Brett Halvorson; Barry Friedman, President, Gift of Life New England; Ted Shaughnessy, VP Gift of Life New England.


May 28, 2008

Cheylyn Hernandez is on her way back home!

Cheylyn had her checkup on May 8, and came through with a good report. Karen Dorrington, reports that Dr. Warner wanted her to stay for another 3 or 4 fours days, but then she could travel home. As scheduled, Maria took her daughter Cheylyn back to Hoduras on American Airlines on May 23rd. It was a happy day for Cheylyn, as she goes home with a new lease on life. Maria on the other hand said “thank you,” but was very unhappy about having to go home so soon. She really wanted to stay in the US for a lot longer.

Thanks to Tuft’s Medical Center (NEMC) for the donation of so much of their time and talents. A very big thank-you to the Ray Tye Medical Foundation for the funding they provided for Cheylyn’s surgery.
A special thanks to DR. Kenneth Warner and his team:

  • Dr. Carlos Duran
  • Dr. Todd Segal
  • Dr. Josh Leader
  • Dr. Sara Reich
  • P.A.Deb Bunk
  • RN’s Diane Casey, Kim Delaney, Julie Rasato, Lisa Swanson, Joli O’Mara, Sylvia Kadzielawski,
    Amey Perga, and Dawna Frankenberger

And a huge thank-you to Cheylyn’s hosts, Milan and Sheila Jackson!

March 12, 2008

Kids from the Framingham High School helped Carolina Inoa and her mother feel at home. Read about it here!

January 10, 2008

Here’s a note from Esther, mother of Felix 2nd GOL kid Marilyn and Ted hosted (2002). Shows life in Kenya under the riots etc. Note that even without the riots they live behind a gate.

Dear Ted & Marilyn,

Thank you so much for your concern. We are safe and sound. God protected us.

We were caught in the middle of the chaos. They came where we live, burnt our neighbours car, stole money and phones and they stole from the other neighbour. they kicked our gate it could not open. God locked it!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this time we were locked inside, watching them from the window, Scared and praying, Felix was shaking, Peter could not talk.This continued for close to four hours untill the police came. We could not go out for a week. This week looks good. Im sure God will do something so the leaders can resolve the differences. Our relatives in the upcountry are safe. We never told them we were in troble. They could have been so scared.

We wanted to surprise you on new year, by Phoning you. The surprise backfired, there was no place to even buy airtime & no going out. Hope to surprise you someday!

Otherwise we have been well. Dan still practising law, Felix in class Seven grown tall, (will send you pictures later)Peter in the kindergarten and very excited about school. I am now teaching in a secondary school about one & half hours from home. Im happy to get something to do.

I remember the snow, and how lovely it looked, The lamb chops(well done)!! The trips to the shopping mall. The cats! How are they doing? And the wonderful smiles from your faces!!! I miss the popcorns after dinner!!

We miss you a lot and I hope that God will give us an opportunity to meet again.

We love you so much & Miss you. God bless you


Loving, Esther

December 19, 2007

A letter from the first Gift of Life recipient!

December 17, 2007

Wakefield High School makes a big donation!

Here’s a pic of the Northeast Metro Tech High School Health and Medical Class ( Wakefield) presenting a check to GOLNE VP Ted Shaughnessy an GOLNE Director Marilyn Shaughnessy.The kids raised $1027 and the teachers family ( John and Maureen McNamara) matched that with $1073 FOR A TOTAL OF $2100.



Thanks, kids!!!

Surgery in Israel

Israel has been helping too. The story is on “Israeli Charity Saving Iraqi Children One Heart at a Time”

December 4, 2007

Two local Rotary Districts made donations to Gift of Life New England!


Needham voted today to send $1000 to GOLNE to go with Franklins matching $1000. Now we need 3 more clubs to give the $1000.


Cut and Color a Success!

On Monday, November 12, 2007, Sculpture Hair Studio and Day Spa of Needham opened its doors to participate in a Cut & Color-A-Thon to benefit Gift of Life. This nationwide event, sponsored by Chromastics, was in honor of Captain Brian Freeman, who arranged for an Iraqi boy named Ali to receive life-saving heart surgery through Gift of Life International, but who tragically lost his own life while serving our country before he had a chance to see Ali receive his gift. Through the generosity of everyone at Sculpture Hair Studio and Day Spa, the event was a great success, providing an opportunity for the general public to “pamper themselves while saving the life of a child”.

Sculpture Hair Studio and Day Spa is an elite and elegant salon located in downtown Needham, MA. Virtually everyone at the salon participated in this event by coming to work on the Veterans Day holiday (when they would normally be closed) to perform exquisite hair and spa services while donating 100% of the proceeds, including tips, to Gift of Life. The state of the art salon is designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere while offering services that include innovative styles and fine quality products for hair,skin, and nails. Owner Donald Bellal, who believes that if you live your life with gratitude, it will come back to you, exemplified compassion, generosity, and grace. Many thanks to Don, as well as to the other artists at the salon: Blakely, Linda A., Linda P., Marina, Tarik, Anna, Lana, and Katie.

Sculpture Hair Studio and Day Spa
1078 Great Plain Avenue
Needham Center

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