Our Kids

Why do we call them “Our Kids”?

Host Families are the “home away from home” for children that come to the Gift of Life New England area for their medical procedures.  Host Families provide a home environment for these children and their guardian(s) for their entire stay.  A place where the children can rest before their surgery, and a place where they can recuperate after their surgery.

Our Host Families very often fall in love with these children as if they were their own.  Many of our Host Families have voluntarily asked for, and have taken in multiple children over the years.  And many of our Host Families continue to stay in contact with the children after they have returned home.

In every way that matters, they really are Our Kids.

(For information on Our Kids that received procedures via Gift Of Life New England Grants in other countries, see this page.)


Jean Carlos Bernal Vasquez, DOB 4/11/2004, from Panama: MMC

Angel Jesus Abrego Quiroz, DOB 4/13/2016, from Panama: MMC


Amadu Danso, DOB 12/29/13, from Ghana: BCH

Eliot Alberto Gonzalez, age 3, from Panama: MGH

Dane O’Connor, DOB 10/29/94, from Jamaica: MGH


Valeria Fabiola Lainez Martinez, age 1 year and 7 mo, from El Salvador: Tufts

Daniela Garcia, age 13 years, from Panama: BCH

Edwin Manual Garcia Sanchez, DOB 5/14/14, from Panama: BCH

Zomaya Soliman, DOB 5/5/14, from Dominican Republic: BCH


Gabriel Melo Franco 5 months, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Alejandro Solari, age 4 years, from Guatamala: BCH

Sofia Henriques, age 10 years, from El Salvador: MGH

Obed Morales, from El Salvador: 2013, surgery performed in El Salvador Grant

Jose David Marroquin, DOB 11/12/07, from Dominican Republic: MAINE

Elian Gonzalas Sanchez, DOB 1/13/08, from Dominican Republic: MAINE


Daisy De La Rosa Mayi, DOB 4/16/11, from Dominican Republic: MAINE

Genesis Vasquez, age 12 years, from El Salvador: MAINE


Hilda Reyes, DOB 4/20/2010, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Diego Villareal from Panama: BCH

Daichi Caraballo, DOB 4/27/2011, from Dominican Republic: BCH


Edwin Adrian Rivera Aquino, DOB 6/3/2008, from El Salvador: BCH


John Alex Quiroz Garcia, DOB 9/11/1997, from Ecuador: BCH

Beqir Agushi, age 6 years, from Kosovo: BCH

Endrit Zhushi, DOB 5/13/2005: BCH

Milagros Briggitte, DOB 11/16/06, from Panama: MGH


Cheylyn Michelle Hernandez Oviedo, age 7 months, from Honduras: Tufts

Carolina Inoa, DOB 8/28/1991, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Luis Salas, DOB 11/19/2006, from Panama: MGH

Manley Moody, age 6 1/2 mo, from Belize: MGH

Briggette Milagros, DOB 11/15/06, from Panama: MGH


Ella Patricia Cablinda, age 6, from Philippines: Tufts

Jessica Sulla, age 10, from Philippines: Tufts

Melvin Alexander Trujillo, DOB 9/8/96, from El Salvador: BCH

Miskera Cutkelvin, DOB 3/13/1991, from Balize: BCH

Ronny Batista, age 13, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Pricilla Dominguez, DOB 9/9/06, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Imanuel Morgan, DOB 3/27/06, from Jamaica: MGH

Dane O’Connor, 10/29/94, from Jamaica: MGH

Saul Perez, from Mexico: Grant

Safa Yousef Yaghmour, from Panama: Panama

Luis Kyle Alejandro, age 1 year, from Kenya: Nairobi


Robert Stephan Anuba, DOB 9/1/95, from Philippines: BCH

Juan Del Rosario, age 5 years, from Dominican Republic: BCH

Andres Polo, DOB 7/25/06, from Panama: MGH

Stephanie Lopez, age 1 year 8 months, from Mexico: Mexico

Etienne Sangano, from Uganda: India

Nicholas Akabwayi, age 5 years, from Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic

William Hernandez, age 5 months, from Panama: Guatamala

Jesus Sanjur, age 2 years, from Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic

Ashley Ceballos, age 8 years, from Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic

Jose Morel, age 18 years, from Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic

Juan Taveras, DOB 7/7/05, from Palestine: Palestine


Miguel Edward Paez, age 17 years, from Philippines: BCH

Yesenia Navarete, age 2 years, from Mexico: BCH

Juan David Figuero Avila, DOB 7/15/2004, from Dominican Republic: MGH

Kyle Ingrid Parian, DOB 10/17/2002, from Philippines: MGH

Yesenia Navarete, from Mexico: Mexico (Grant)

Yamil Morales, from Mexico: Mexico (Grant)

Sheila Namwano, age 1 year, from Cambodia: Cambodia


Ebony Richards, age 6 years, from Antiqua: BCH


Keiron Cruz, age 2 years, from Philippines: BCH

Samueal Tsegaye, age 14 years, from Ethiopia: BCH

Sanju Pant, DOB 12/13/95, from Uganda: India


Andrea Ulloa, from Ecuador: Tufts

Alan Santos Lorta, age 3 years, from Mexico: BCH

Felix Musoyka, age 6 years, from Kenya: BCH

Ekaterina Grigorieva, age 14 years, from Russia: MGH

April Jumawid, age 4 years, from Philippines: MGH

Maitena Perez, age 1 year 4 months, Argentina: MGH


Pedro Moreno, 15 years, from Mexico: Tufts

Larisa Mayorguin, age 17 months, from Honduras: Tufts

Lester Blanco, age 11 years, from Nicaragua: Tufts

Brendan Sylari, age 18 months, from Albania: Tufts

Wilfredo Morano, age 16 years, from Panama: BCH

Abril Mass, age 2 years, from Mexico, BCH


Johnathan Arias, age 5 years, from Ecuador: BCH

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